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This is only the executive summary and all protocols that are attached to Yugambeh Lore – Law is provided to the YRACA membership base at gathering or by request.

Executive Summary


For Aboriginal people in this country, our notions about the world, Land, human beings and knowledge, serve to ground a moral philosophy centred on the relationship between Land and people - or as in the old saying - Look after Country, Look after Kin. Yugambeh Region Aboriginal Corporation Alliance (YRACA) abides by this philosophy.


For Yugambeh Language Speaking people who reside in the Gold Coast region The region from the Logan River in the north, south to the Tweed River and west to the mountain range, are the traditional homelands of the Yugambeh Language Speaking (YLS) Peoples. Their modern status is that of the Sovereign First Peoples of this Region and have never ceded their territories and are still sovereign today.


The Land described in this Region is also known to the YLS Peoples as the Land of Five Rivers (Dangan Bullen). The modern description is the Gold Coast.


The YSL Peoples are the rightful owners and custodians of these Lands and that our status and jurisdictional authority arises from and is based on this exceptionally ancient relationship with this Land. The YLS Peoples consist of the clans of the Mununjali; Wangerriburra; Kombumerri, Migunberri; Birrinburra; and Minjungbal. 


Logan, Albert, Coomera, Nerang and Tweed Rivers are within Yugambeh Regional borders. The Tweed River is the border between the two big language groups – the Bunjulung (south side) and the Yugambeh (north side) and who have had diplomatic relations and connections of long standing over aeons of time.


The obligations and responsibilities of the YLS Peoples of the YRACA organisation, are contained within the Laws/Lores spelled out in the Framework below. They are the foundation of our sovereignty, custodial ethic and stewardship traditions for looking after the Lands and Peoples within this region. This includes the physical, cultural and spiritual well-being, of all the Yugambeh Language Speaking Peoples within our Region who have lived here for millennia, and reside here now, and continue having respectful relations within our respective Clans/Mobs and with neighbouring Clans/Mobs in the SEQ region.

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